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The Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre (NRC) was started in 15th November 2008 and is an attempt to improve the nutritional status of children in and around Padhar.

We engaged our clinic representatives in the nearby villages to encourage as many families as possible to send seriously undernourished children and their mothers to Padhar Hospital for help.

The 2-weeks programme, in collaboration with UNICEF and the Government of India, aims at providing free medication, medical check up and nutritional feeding - as per WHO protocol - for severely malnourished children of grade 3 and 4.

The mothers staying with their children are remunerated for the loss of income incurred by their stay at the NRC.

All the guidelines regarding nutritional protocol and medical treatment are laid down and controlled by UNICEF. It is our endeavour to achieve these prefixed targets.

Our paediatrics care very much about these patients and check the children’s recovery on a daily basis.

Moreover, our cooks prepare especially composed and measured food – according to the weight and condition of the child.

Proudly we can announce that so far 150 children have benefited from this program.

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