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Padhar Hospital is a 200-bedded multispecialty, charitable, rural hospital belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the central highlands of India. Located at the southern border of Madhya Pradesh midway between Nagpur and Bhopal, our patients also come from the surrounding states like Chhattisgarh and Orissa.


Founded by Dr. Clement F. Moss as a clinic, nurtured into a large multi-specialty unit by Dr. Victor Choudhrie, it was modernized under the guidance of Dr. Vincent Solomon and is now under the able leadership of Dr. Rajiv Choudhrie, our current medical superintendent.  


The primary objective of this institution is to provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing in the Spirit of Christ to all in general, but especially to the poor and needy, regardless of caste or creed. To this end we provide diagnostic, curative, preventive, palliative, research, developmental and rehabilitative services, both in the hospital as well as in the community. Apart from the state of the art medical services available at Padhar Hospital, we engage in a host of community outreach activities targeting the surrounding tribal villages like schools, environment and nutritional enhancement programs, maternal and child health programs, and various community-based clinical outreach programs covering areas as diverse as mental health and cancer screening.


In our service to mankind we seek to be witnesses and ambassadors of Christ to bring His spiritual kingdom on earth. To this end we network with al like-minded individuals and organizations. We believe that with the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ, this hospital shall continue to be a witness of His manifold power and mercy.



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