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Happy Valley Higher Secondary School run by Padhar Hospital, was founded in 1984 and has been growing steadily since then. The school is the only English medium Higher Secondary School in a radius of more than 20 kms, providing good quality education at low costs which is rooted in Kingdom values.

Originally founded to provide quality education to retain medical staff at Padhar Hospital’s remote location, Happy Valley School now serves a large number of village children who would otherwise not have access to high-caliber education.

Happy Valley School has facilities and teaching amenities that cater to all segments of society and allow children to emerge as well educated young individuals. Graduates are ready to compete for national level professional colleges and jobs with a clear understanding of the Christian character, integrity and values. This institution is needed to develop Christian leadership for Padhar Hospital as well as other similar church organizations. This quality school is a model for leadership development and also acts as a model for government and other educational institutions to upgrade their standards thus benefiting the community at large.

The number of children on rolls has been growing through the years and in the year 2016-17, there were 485 children from Nursery (age 3) through till class XII (age 17). There are 22 teachers and the school is run by our able Principal, Ms. SnehlataLall.

We have had 100% results in our state level board exams from the year 2011 onwards.

Our long term goals:

Literacy and  social upliftment translating into an improved literacy level in our state and a lowering of the health indicators, specifically the infant mortality index.

Personality development of our students with improved self esteem, confidence and fluency in the English language.

Emergence of local boys and girls who have a professional, social and spiritual burden for this land.

New plans:

Happy Valley Higher Secondary School is excitedly looking forward to the completion of the phase 1 of the new school building in a picturesque location. The classrooms are eco friendly and we are grateful to our partners the EFS, Sweden for their generous support.

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