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Padhar is on the main rail route from Delhi and Chennai and is therefore easily accessible by train. The nearest railway station is Betul, which is about 17kms from Padhar.  Buses and jeeps to Padhar are readily available from the bus stop right outside the station. 

If you are coming from Mumbai or Kolkota, you will need to disembark at Itarsi, which is about 70kms from Padhar and also well connected by bus services.

You can also fly into Nagpur International Airport or Bhopal Airport from various destinations.  However both places are about 180-200kms away and it will take you 4-5 hours by road to get here.

However, if you inform us your travel plans in advance, we may be able to arrange a hospital vehicle, at nominal charges, to pick you up.


Padhar, situated in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is a small village on National Highway 69, between Nagpur in the south and Bhopal in the north. Padhar Hospital is a well equipped, multispeciality, charitable, rural hospital belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church and caters to a mainly tribal population.   



All foreigners coming in India, whether on a tourist or residential permit, have to be registered with the local police station within 48 hours of arrival.  Their office has to be informed about your travel during the period of your stay here and about your final departure from Padhar Hospital and India.   



The Indian summer, between March and June, can be extremely hot and dry with temperatures reaching 450C.  We do not recommend overseas students coming here during this season, as it can become quite unbearable for you!!

The “ monsoons” or rainy season, between June and September is wet and cool.  The countryside turns green and luxurious.  However it is not the best time to go sightseeing (which is also surely part of your agenda!)

Our winter season extends from November to mid February during which light woolens are required.  The weather is pleasant and most enjoyable.

However, as students from different countries have different elective schedules, we have no problem in accommodating you at any time of the year.

Elective students, especially females, are requested to be appropriately dressed, keeping in mind the sensibilities and customs prevalent in our conservative rural community. 

We request you to wear clean, white lab coats as well as your ID card, for all outreach programmes and activities in the hospital




Boarding & Lodging:


We provide shared accommodation for medical students in our guesthouse, Moss Bungalow. Three meals are provided every day in the bungalow dining hall and includes non-vegetarian fare.


The charges for boarding and lodging are as follows:


Accommodation + Mess : Rs.900/-……….. Per day per person


These charges are subject to change as and when required.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus. 




The various departments through which medical students are rotated include Surgery, (including Onco-Plastic, and General Surgery), General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Radiation Therapy and Anaesthesiology. If you are interested, you can also spend time in Pathology, Radiology and Dental departments or maybe do a project while you are here, to be presented at the end of your stay.


In addition, we encourage you to participate in the other day-to-day activities of the hospital including lectures, tutorials, clinical rounds, surgical lists and outreach medical camps as well as in the various religious activities conducted by the hospital and the church.


We hope this period will give you the opportunity to learn more about tropical diseases and local health problems, while experiencing our vibrant, rural surroundings.


Kindly inform us well in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements for your visit. 


We look forward to seeing you and know you will have a great time here!

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