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    Department of orthopaedics:

Services available:
24 hour accident and emergency services
Trauma surgeries
Complex bone and joint reconstruction
Joint replacement surgeries
Deformity corrections and limb lengthening
Paediatric Orthopaedics
Spine Surgery
Orthopaedic oncology
Metabolic bone disorders
Prosthetic and orthotic services

24 hr accident and emergency services :
    Trauma and emergency services are available 24*7. All trauma patients are immediately assesed and necessary care is given. Patients with multiple trauma / poly trauma are assesed my a multi-disiplinary team of trauma surgeons (consisting of maxilo-facial surgeon, general surgeon, Orthopaedic surgeon and anesthetist). 
    Trauma services are well supported by availabity of Radiology services round the clock (ultrasound, Computer Tomography and X-Rays) and Intensive care unit.

Trauma Surgeries:
    All kinds of trauma surgeries are carried out which includes:
long bone fractures – nailing and plating
Periarticular fractures
Open fractures with skin and soft tissue loss 
complex trauma which includes staged procedures and limb reconstruction
fractures with vascular injury
Osteoporotic fractures

    The department of orthopaedics is fully equiped and in keeping with the recent advances offers the best treatment a particulay injury / fracture. For the treatment of fractures/injuries there are multiple options available which include internal fixation viz. Interlocking nailing, Plating (DCP,LCP, combi plating etc) or external fixation viz. Simple external fixation, ring fixator (Ilizarov fixator), Mono rail fixator. The type if fixation depends on the type of fracture and the soft tissue condition.
    Complex orthopaedic trauma which requires vascular exploration/repair and simple/complex soft tissue reconstruction is carried out with the help of an excellent plastic surgical unit.

Complex Bone and Joint Reconstruction:
    Complex injuries where there are multiple fractures or communited fractures with or without bone loss requires staged procedures to achieve union and restore limb and joint function.

Joint replacement surgeries:
Total knee replacement surgery
Total hip replacement surgery
    Joint replacement surgery is described as one of the most successful life modifying surgery.
It can aid an individual to walk without pain and thus avoid long term use of pain relief medications, improve his social life and add to his / her self confidence.
    Total joint repalcement surgery is done for severe joint arthritis. Knee and hip arthritis are common and symptoms usually start after the age of 50 years. In India, knee arthrits is more common than hip arthritis. In majority of the patients with hip or knee arthritis the cause is age related wear and tear of joint surfaces but can also happen in diseases like Rheumatoid arthritis and also following traum where the joint is involved. However replacement is needed only if the symptoms are severe requiring pain relief medications on a daily basis.
    The prosthesis which are used are made of Cobalt chromium / titanium and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. The prosthesis are fixed using bone cement however the hip prosthesis in younger individuals may be fixed without cement.

For further details / queries and to know the cost of the surgery please contact : 

Paediatric Orthopaedics:
    Various congenital and developmental orthopaedic disorders are treated. The treatment includes counselling and reassurance, physiotherapy, surgical correction. Conditions common in children are – Club foot ( CTEV), Hip dysplasia (DDH), Cerebral Palsy, developmental knee and foot deformities (varus or valgus), congenital torticollis. 
    Trauma and fractures in children are different from those of adults and are also treated using different methods as compared to adults. The common injuries seen in children are – supracondylar fractures of the humerus (elbow injury), fractures of the forearm and femur fractures. Unlike adults the fractures of forearm and femur are treated with titanium elastic nails which is the current standard of care worldwide.

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