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-: Microbiology laboratory :-

The Microbiology laboratory in Padhar Hospital was established in the year 2012 and is the only microbiology lab between Bhopal and Nagpur. Since then a sincere effort has been made to provide better test results to benefit both clinicians and patients of Padhar Hospital and to further the goal of evidence based medical practice.

The Microbiology laboratory is a diagnostic lab that performs tests for most common pathogens including aerobic bacteria and yeast. Some of the features of the laboratory include:

  • A variety of techniques used for testing and isolating pathogens including cultures, minimum routine biochemical tests and stains for various specimens like sputum, urine, body fluid, pus, stool, swabs from various sites and blood.


  • Once isolated and identified, antibiotic susceptibility testing is performed on bacteria by using broad spectrum antibiotics.


  • The Laboratory is equipped with an incubator, Hot air oven, autoclave, Bio-safety cabinet (Laminar Air Flow), and a Microscope.


  • Additional activities include monitoring the Hospital Infection Control Programme which practically implements the policies of the hospital’s Infection Control Committee regarding hygiene, prevention, biomedical waste management and use of disinfectants.










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