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Department of ENT:



The ENT department in Padhar hospital has several diagnostic and treatment facilities under one roof which can provide a holistic approach with contribution from other departments to cater to needs of patients.


Diagnostic Facilities :

  • Endoscopic Otoscopy

  • Microscopic examination of ear

  • Rigid Nasal endoscopy

  • Flexible fibreoptic Nasopharyngolaryngoscopy

  • Flexible fibreoptic Bronchoscopy

  • Pure tone Audiometry


 Treatment Facilties :

  • Medical mangement of ear, nose and throat problems

  • Medical management of allergies and vertigo

  • Medical and surgical management of thyroid diseases & cancers.

  • Surgical treatment of ENT system -- tympanoplasties, mastoidectomies, conchomeatoplaty, Functional endoscopic sinsus surgery, endoscopic septoplasty, Endoscopic DCR, Adenoidectomy, Tonsillectomy,microlaryngoscopy & excision,etc

  • Surgical management of nose & throat cancers like maxillectomy, partial and total laryngectomy, pharyngectomy, cordectomy, neck dissection, etc

  • Vocal rehabiltation surgeries (post surgery) -- Esophageal speech, Tracheo-esophageal puncture and prosthesis placement

  • Surgeries for snoring and sleep disorder

  • Emergency procedures like tracheostomy, endoscopic foreign body removal from airway & ear, epistaxis etc.


 Various funds are available to help people below poverty line!

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