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Padhar has a highly equipped state-of-art Paediatric unit, which caters to children within a radius of 200 km. Most of the patients are either local children or those referred from nearby hospitals.




Along with the provision of basic health care and medical check-ups for children the department of paediatrics contains several major subdivisions.


The paediatric or “pink ward” with 20 beds and three extra beds for emergency care is equipped with centralized suction and O2 supply particularly suitable for children. Our competent, well-trained staff takes care of children with cleft lip or palate and other general surgical and orthopaedic problems; also children enduring chemotherapy are admitted here. Paediatric patients needing ventilatory support are admitted in the adult ICU.


The NICU is a 12-bedded level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and disposes of all the necessary medical instruments to preserve the lives of premature babies. It is equipped with the latest gadgets including ventilators, CPAPS, double surface phototherapy machines, infusion pumps, radiant warmers, central O2 and suctions as well as portable x-ray and USG facilities.


The NRC Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre was started in 15th November 2008 and is an attempt to improve the nutritional status of children in and around Padhar. Its 2-weeks programme, in collaboration with UNICEF and the Government of India, aims at providing free drugs, investigations and nutritional feeding - as per WHO protocols - to grade 3 and 4 of severe malnourished children. Mothers staying with the patients are remunerated for the loss of income incurred by their staying with their child in hospital; also they are encouraged to attend sessions informing about child care related issues. So far 150 children have benefited from this program.




Additionally to the standard provision of paediatric medical service Padhar Hospital promotes non-stationary health assistance for children. Several initiatives such as the daily outpatients clinic, school health checkups and the by World Vision adopted medical screening camps for children constitute another emphasis of our work.

Moreover we like to forward awareness programmes regarding common illnesses on the All India Radio station, facilitate routine and newer vaccine immunization and ???

Consultants attend all caesarian and high risk vaginal deliveries


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