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Department of Anesthesiology: -

The Department of Anaesthesiology was set up in order to provide better care to patients and over the years expanded from a nuclear family to a large joint family with advance technology. Using state of the art medical facilities, we keep our prime focus on patient safety.


The department of Anaesthesiology has been an integral part of the hospital since its origin, as the hospital has had a strong multispecialty surgical team for decades. The department offers a wide variety of services for all elective as well as emergency surgeries. Apart from this, the department also provides training for surgical anaesthesia technicians - a 2 yr Diploma in Anaesthesia Technology course run by the Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI).


Some of the services provided by the department include:

  • Experienced team of anaesthesia technologists headed by a full-time qualified Anaesthesiologist.

  • Anaesthesia for emergency, elective and day care surgeries (general as well as using neuraxial anaesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks).

  • The department provides anaesthesia to 5 fully-equipped operation theatres.

  • After surgery the patients are monitored in a modern well equipped post operative recovery care unit by specially trained nursing staff under the guidance of the primary physician and the anaesthesiologist from time to time. Those patients who require more intense monitoring are shifted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for further management.

  • Latest technologies for patient care like modern anaesthesia machines with central supply of oxygen and nitrous oxide, ventilators, gadgets for managing difficult airway and multipara monitors with respiratory gas monitors.

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