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The Intensive Care Unit is a special department of hospital that provides intensive treatment to patients with severe life threatening illnesses, who need constant close monitoring and support from special equipment and staff.

Patients are directly transferred to ICU from the emergency department if required or from any ward if patient deteriorates, or immediately after surgery if patient is high risk for complication and needs equipment support.

 Common conditions treated in ICU are---- ARDS, multiple organ failure, sepsis, myocardial infarction, shock, poisoning, cerebro vascular accident, diabetic ketoacidosis,   ARF, CCF etc.

ICU is managed and monitored round the clock by doctors and a full time dedicated team. Team is supported by expert and qualified nurses to provide best possible patient care.

Facilities available include:

  • mechanical ventilator

  • cardiac monitor ( multichannel)

  • defibrillator

  • dialysis

  • central oxygen supply

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