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-: Chaplaincy :-



Since Padhar Hospital is a mission hospital we provide – besides the medical services – spiritual, emotional and psychological care and support.


Mr. Parmarth is our very caring and thoughtful chaplain. He takes care of the chapel service with which we begin our work every morning at 8 o’clock. In this regard we follow a special calendar that assigns the daily prayer’s duty to the different departments who arrange and conduct the morning service with prayers and songs. It is a way we want to strengthen our community and believe in god. Subsequently, the chaplain says prayers on special request for example for different Christian institutions, schools, colleges, friends and pastors in India.


Another calendar regulates the schedule for the chaplain after the Morning Prayer. He then takes his rounds to each and every department in order to meet the patients and their afflicted relatives. He will ask them after their condition, for their needs and personal concerns and insure himself about the patients’ safety. Our chaplain will pray for and with the patients and their families. That way we try to provide psychological and emotional counselling to the ill and deliver our message as a mission hospital.


Besides that, the chaplaincy is involved in occasional activities conducted by the different departments. A long list of events such as the Christmas programmes, Easter programmes or special birthdays are nicely organised and mentored by the chaplain.


The hospital’s outreach programmes in the community with seminars on HIV/AIDS and malaria e.g. are always accompanied by Mr. Parmarth who starts every camp with a prayer and who lends us his spiritual support.


Generally, all programmes, every camp, each internal and external activity is supported by a touch of Christianity, prayers and religious songs. In this matter, we seek to give strength to the ill and restore hope as a mission hospital.

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